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Bedhead Hats Toddler Bucket Hat ‘Posie’ Print

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Bedhead Hats Toddler Bucket Hat ‘Posie’ Print

The Bedhead Toddler Bucket hat is a fabulous baby sun hat featuring a soft flexible brim and rated is UPF50+ Excellent Protection!

Our Toddler Buckets have a soft flexible brim that introduces babies and toddlers to an angled brim that frames their line of sight. All Bedhead hats are made from our super-stretchy and lightweight cotton jersey and come with a stretchy chin strap (if required, you can easily remove this without compromising the quality of the hat).

Tiny pink florals are our jam. And yours! Always a sell-out these girlie styles are simple enough to blend into an outfit, but beautiful enough to be the standout too. Posie is available in Legionnaire, Toddler Bucket and Ponytail Bucket.

BEST SUITED TO: Babies and toddlers still using prams, strollers, car seats, carriers & slings


M (50cm) 1/2 years

L (52cm) 2/3 years

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